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"For those of us married to a coal miner, keeping our tub and shower nice and clean can be a nightmare! The magic eraser really is magic! Just wet it with water and it will cut through the toughest grime with very little effort. I can't live without them!"
Tip courtesy of Dee (Lowe) Hawkins

"A little trick I learned while having my carpet professionally cleaned, was to spray windex on your carpet stains! It really works! You can also use it on your curtains, fabric on your dining chairs, etc. Just spray a liberal amount onto the stain and let it soak for 5-10 minutes, and dab it up with a clean towel."
Dee recommends that you use the clear kind of windex if you plan on using this tip.
Tip courtesy of Dee (Lowe) Hawkins

New Tip coming soon!

New Tip coming soon!

News and Happenings for the Chapmanville High School Class of 1993


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