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Share your memories of our high school days!

Here's the place where we'll share our happy, funny, silly, sad, or any other memories of high school.  Fill in the form and share your memories with the rest of us!

Your name:
This happened in my (sophomore, junior, senior) year.
I remember when...

       Chris Ojeda
What Year:
       Junior Year
What Happened:
       "Takayuki Saeki, who for some reason had Spanish class with me, bought me a birthday
        card for my 18th birthday party. When I opened it, it read ..."Happy 10th Birthday Nephew".
        That was the funniest card I had ever gotten. He had no clue what it said but it came with a
        pack of cigarettes so it worked out in the end. LONG LIVE TAKA!!!"

     Amy Kirk
What Happened:
     We would look forward to the best funnel cakes in the world at Clay County!
     YAHOOOOOO! Also, I loved the talent contest our senior year, does anyone
     have the video? That would rock!

     Carla Hensley

What Happened:
     funnel cakes....Clay County.....AHHHHH! I sooo remember YUM YUM. I have
     agree with Amy the definitely have the BEST funnel cakes in the world.

     Senior Year
What Happened:
     One night befor graduation, Phil Farley, Clay Barker, Aaron Workman,
     Harley Adams and I got together and sealed up our own time capsule. We
     placed the capsule somewhere in the ceiling above the area affectionately
     known as the "pokey", inside the office (I refuse to tell how we got in). Just
     before our reunion I took a ladder and tried to find it with no luck. It has a video
     tape in it with video that I took one day at school our senior year, it also has
     the talent show video on the tape, along with a couple other videos. I can't
     remember what else is in it, but it would be great to find it. Someone out there
     knows where it is. It may still be somewhere in the ceiling, Mr. Elkins didn't
     seem to like me taking the ceiling tiles down in his office, so I didn't get to
     look very closely. If anybody could help it would be great to see those videos.
     We're getting so old it may be harder to find a VCR to play the tape on than
     actually locating the tape. Let one of us know if anyone knows anything about

News and Happenings for the Chapmanville High School Class of 1993


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