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January Baby Update, Part II
February 14, 2006
According to an email from Kelly, Jill (Harless) and Kevin Bryant had a healthy baby girl on January 19, 2006.  They named their new bundle of joy Emma Faith Bryant.
Congratulations, Jill and Kevin! 

Chris and Karen

Chris Ojeda to Marry Karen Kuhn
January 27, 2005
According to an email from Chris on January 25, Chris is scheduled to wed Karen Kuhn of Charleston, WV.  His email also supplied a link to thier website on
Karen and Chris met at a party where the two of them talked and got to know one another better.  They started dating, broke up, and started dating again.  On July 23, 2005, on Karen's birthday, Chris proposed. 
The couple plans to marry on October 14, 2006 in a ceremony at Christ Church United Methodist in Charleston, West Virginia with a reception to follow at Coonskin State Park, also in Charleston.  Further details about the wedding day ceremony and reception have not yet been provided.
Karen's attendants include Tara Novick, Kathy Barker Browning, Erica Yates, Krissy Cavender Smith, and Kate Porter.  Chris' attendants include Paul "Fuji" Dingess, Joseph "Jody" Ojeda, Danny Ojeda, Alan Gore, and Joseph "Bear" Maynard.  The flower girl will be Alexis Lake Porter, and the ring bearer will be Jackson Ojeda.
Congratulations to the happy couple from the Chapmanville High School Class of 1993, and best of luck for a life filled with love and happiness with your perfect partner!

January Baby Update
January 15, 2006
According to an email from Kelly Bennett, Phil Farley and his wife Erica are expecting a baby boy.  Erica says, "I think Phil is really excited.  He will have a little fishing and hunting buddy.  The lady that did the ultrasound said all of the baby’s organs look normal.  I am so thankful for that."
Our congratulations go out to Phil and his family.  Our prayers are for a happy, healthy addition to your family that will bring joy and happiness as he grows!

Lighting the World
December 31, 2005
Dee (Lowe) Haskins has done something few people have the courage to do - start her own business out of her home.  For two years now, she has been making and selling homemade scented candles and accessories.  Her business has been a success, and for all the hassle, the good times and the bad, Dee is happy with her choice to begin running a home-based business.
Dee-Lights features a revolving lineup of over 100 scents in candles of all sizes.  In addition to cadles, Dee also offers tarts and tart burners, "wax bears" (stuffed bears dipped in scented wax) and accessories necessary to safely burn or disply her wax creations in the home. 
As of right now, Dee's creations are available via email or phone order.  In a phone conversation with her on December 28, she informed me that she hopes to have a website showcasing her Dee-Lights and allowing for internet orders.  If you would like more information about the scents Dee has to offer, feel free to email her at
Having the courage to strike out on your own and make your own business a success is a rare trait.  Congratulations, Dee, from the Class of 1993.  You've forged your own path to success we can all be proud of and hope to achieve ourselves someday.

Makin' Music for the Masses
December 22, 2005
Our classmate Chris Ojeda has really come into his own since graduating alongside the rest of us.  With his bandmates in the rock band Byzantine, Chis has signed a record deal with Prosthetic Records, and the band is well on its way to stardom.
Chris, who is the lead vocalist and also plays guitar with bandmates Tony Rohrbough (Lead Guitar), Chris Adams (Bass) and Matt Wolfe (Drums), have two albums available for purchase at their website.  You can purchase both their initial offering, "The Fundamental Component" and their follow-up release, "And They Shall Take Up Serpents" at the Prosthetic Records website.
Chris and his bandmates told Prosthetic Records on their website that they "...have just as much influence from Skynard and Chet Atkins around us as we do Slayer and Overkill. So we mostly just write what we know.”  Their appeal is mostly heavy metal, but with an eye towards home and a nod to their upbringing.
Support Chris and Byzantine by buying their record or dropping him a line.  Let him know just how proud we are of all his efforts and accomplishments!
See some great shots of Chris and the band on the "Now and Then" page!

The Baby Update
November 19, 2005
According to an email from Kelly Bennett dated November 8, 2005, Carissa Jarrell had a baby girl on Saturday, November 5, in Virginia.  She named her new addition McKenna Shane Adkins.  Carissa now has three beautiful daughters.
In the same email, Kelly also gave us the news that Lori Cyfers is due to have a baby boy on March 17, 2006.  According to the 4-D pictures of her new baby she showed Kelly, everything with the baby looks fine; 10 fingers and toes.  All looks well with little Ethan Garret or Dylan, the proud mom and dad haven't decided which yet.

Working Hard to Follow a Dream

November 19, 2005


Classmate Linley Porter (Marcum) has been working hard since she quit her job in mid-July to become a full-time writer and stay-at-home mom.  In the four months since, Linley's been very busy writing and shopping her work around to magazines for publication.


Her essay, "Of Buildings and Babies", has been included in the Stories of Strength anthology created by editor and author Jenna Glatzer.  This anthology features works by authors such as Wil Wheaton, Orson Scott Card and Robin Lee Hatcher, along with 100 other professional, semi-professional and amateur authors.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the other Gulf coast hurricanes this season.  If you would like more information about the book, visit the website at  Linley has a limited number of books for sale, so if you would like a copy, please contact her at her email.


Linley has also sold a short story to WildChild Publishing entitled “Fever”.  This story was featured as part of the online magazine’s Halloween special edition.  “Fever” can be read by following this link to the WildChild Publishing website, and then selecting "Fiction" from the navigation bar.  Another of her short stories, “The Temptress”, is under consideration for a future issue of the WildChild Publishing webzine.  “Hostage Negotiations” is under consideration with the magazine Strange Horizons, and her novel, “The Cona’Doar Chronicles:  Of Gods and Children” is under consideration with the publisher Wizards of the Coast, best known for their Dragonlance series of fantasy novels and the Magic:  The Gathering Collectible Card Game.

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News and Happenings for the Chapmanville High School Class of 1993


For additions or corrections to or retractions from this Newsletter, please contact Linley Marcum.