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Now and Then - Images of the Class of 1993

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Here we will attempt to post some photographs of classmates from our high school days next to photos now...Who has changed the most?  The least?  Has the biggest family? 

Class of 1993 10-year class reunion - August, 2003

Front row, left to right:  Vickie Adams, Jill Harless, Katrina Adams, Amy Kirk, Dee Dee Lowe, Linley Porter, Heather Hensley, Tonia Bell, Kristi Seay, Nichole Woodruff 


Second row:  Amy Browning, Phil Conley, Stephanie Tomblin, Melissa Dingess, Kendy Farmer, Lori Cyfers, James Marcum, Chris Ojeda, John Wallen, Burley Ferrell, Shannon Gore 


Third row:  Michael Grimes, Steve Roberts, Joe Maynard, Greg Napier, Ric Meade, Jeff Carmichael, Scott Amburgey, Alvin Payne 


Fourth row:  Carissa Jarrell, Daniel Ellison, Kelly Bennett, Allen Hensley, Jamie Sparks, Darren Roberts, Kevin Runyon, Phil Farley, David Gore

Chris Ojeda in action, on stage with Byzantine.

Press photo for Byzantine - Chris Ojeda is first on the left.

Ben Pridemore Chris Ojeda Robbie Miller Beth McVey Dee Lowe David Gore Tonia Bell Scott Amburgey

News and Happenings for the Chapmanville High School Class of 1993


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